It's on us: we can build the clean energy future we need! image

It's on us: we can build the clean energy future we need!

Act now to help us meet clean energy goals in our region.

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$30,000 goal

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Clean, Solar Energy is the Future. Let's Build It.

RREAL's mission is to make solar power accessible to all households and communities in Central and Northern Minnesota, reducing poverty through expanded solar capacity, education, and workforce development programs.

Your support will help us build the clean, solar-powered future Central and Northern Minnesota need.

Together, we can help workers find good jobs in the solar sector, shift more households, schools, and communities away from fossil fuels, and reduce energy poverty in our region.

Together, we can build solar power for more households and communities and ensure that workers across Minnesota are ready to help us meet the demands of the growing clean energy economy.

RREAL’s core goal is to reduce poverty in Central and Northern Minnesota with clean solar energy through good jobs and lower energy bills.

We cannot do this without people like you.

Donate today. Let's build a more sustainable future, together.

Rural Renewable Energy Alliance

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